Welcome to the new Website of TRANSASSURANCE

TRANSASSURANCE is a Translation Agency specializing in the following fields:
      - Insurance
      - Law
      - Information technologies
      - Commercial
      - Finance
      - Administration

TRANSASSURANCE provides professional linguistic services to clients around the world. Speed, quality and accuracy are our main concerns but our top priority has always been and remains client SATISFACTION.


Our translators have proven their capacity to undertake large projects and recognize the different degrees of complexity of each translation project. They are capable of adapting to very tight schedules and fully cooperate with clients in order to better understand and respond to their specific needs. Members of our team are reliable translators. They represent a broad range of expertise and knowledge in the field of translation and localization.

Today, as global competition intensifies everyday, it becomes increasingly important that corporations have access to efficient and professional COMMUNICATIONS, regardless of the language that they use.

If you would like to find out more about our services, please contact info@transassurance.com, or call (514) 909-1936.