We believe that high-quality communications are a key advantage for global firms and that they provide compelling business value to our customers.

Let us handle the translation of your Website, contracts, brochures, newsletters and other important publications, and continue to concentrate on your operations with total peace of mind. Our team will handle the rest.


TRANSASSURANCE offers client-focussed specialized translation services in a wide variety of subject areas, as well as localization services of software, Web sites and other MULTIMEDIA components.

The art of translating is not to translate word for word but to give the flavour and reflect the enterprise views in any marketing document. The translator specializing in marketing must use his writing talent and his ability to see through the message the client wishes to convey, leading to a well-structured, convincing and idiomatic text. LEGAL translation, on the other hand, requires accuracy and PRECISION so that the substance and the wording are expressed without omission, with the legal terminology commonly used in the legal community.

Our team members are qualified translators from diverse experiences and fields.
In addition to the their knowledge of languages and linguistics, they have strengthen, through the years, their creativity and technical skills.


By choosing to forward your documents to professional translators, you are ensured of the following:

carre To obtain high-quality communications, thoroughly reviewed by experienced staff working in all areas of the industry;

carre To obtain personalized services that adequately reflect the image and culture of your company;

carre To benefit from the range and depth of our EXPERTISE and keep focused on your goals and objectives;

carre To collaborate with a specialized and multi-disciplinary team of experts;

carre To receive prompt service at the best possible price, while having the assurance that deadlines and commitments will be met;

carre To get systematic access to our terminology database to promote CONSISTENCY and uniformity in your communications.

The entire project will be handled by a designated individual who will answer your questions and report regularly on the progress of your projects.


Localization is a discipline which can be defined as the whole scheme of procedures used to adapt an information technology product (software applications, Web sites, Internet content, etc.) and all supporting material, into the language and culture of the targeted consumers. Localization includes not only the translation of the content but also the adaptation of the user interface, menus, buttons, dialog boxes, error messages, etc. The localization of a product can present many unique challenges, namely, when special operations, such as resizing buttons or text boxes, translating dates, currencies or addresses, are requested.

In order to manage localization projects effectively, our team of experts can rely on the most common technologies used in the industry.

Using localization software is included in our continuing overall strategy to enhance our performance and is an essential factor in achieving excellence in delivering quality documents on time and on budget.